Job Posting: Statistical Analyst

October 2018: PWHS is seeking a qualified and engaged statistical analyst to join our research team in analyzing and learning from occupational health big data to create safer and more secure workplaces.

Job description

The Partnership for Work, Health and Safety brings together researchers, policymakers, and data resources from the University of BC School of Population and Public Health, WorkSafeBC (the Workers’ Compensation Board of BC), and external partners to address current and emerging issues of work-related health and workers’ compensation in innovative ways, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The Analyst is responsible for providing statistical guidance in the planning stages of research design, assessing and improving data quality, conducting complex analyses, and interpreting results and communicating findings for multiple projects for Partnership researchers, industry partners, and other stakeholders. The Analyst will perform descriptive and statistical analyses according to study protocols, analytic plans, and what is logical for the particular occupational health issue being examined. The position requires that the Analyst have the training and experience to apply appropriate statistical models to various research questions, and the Analyst will be expected to keep up with current research literature and guidelines on data analysis and communication.

Desired skills and experience

  • Master’s degree in biostatistics, epidemiology, or other health care-related discipline.
  • Experience with observational research design and analysis and statistical methodology.
  • Minimum three years of experience working in research methodology, epidemiology, biostatistical analysis, econometrics, or equivalent.
  • Two years of experience using statistical software packages such as Stata, SAS, or R. Knowledge of SQL programming is an asset.
  • Excellent critical appraisal, problem solving, and decision making skills.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills and ability to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to maintain accuracy and attention to detail within a privacy sensitive environment.

About our organization

The Partnership for Work, Health and Safety takes the lead in work-related health research in BC by developing and promoting the use of routinely collected health and compensation data from multiple sources via our data partner, Population Data BC. The data allows us to conduct research on the entire working-age population over a 25 year period, providing a unique and comprehensive portrait of the health and well being of BC’s workers. Our research results inform the design of evidence-based policies and prevention programs to create safer and more secure workplaces, and help improve opportunities for recovery after injuries occur. Our team is comprised of a diverse and multidisciplinary group of faculty, students, and staff, situated in the School of Population and Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC.

To apply

Apply via the UBC Staff Careers website, or email Partnership Director of Privacy and Operations Suhail Marino at

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