A systematic literature review of the effectiveness of occupational health and safety regulatory enforcement

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Immigration Status and Work Disability Duration in British Columbia, Canada

Research poster [192 KB]
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The relationship between chronic conditions and absenteeism and associated costs in Canada

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A Comparative Analysis of the Financial Incentives of Two Distinct Experience-Rating Programs

Journal article
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Labor markets and health: an integrated life course perspective

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Measuring gender when you don’t have a gender measure: constructing a gender index using survey data

Journal article
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Does time off work after injury vary by jurisdiction? A comparative study of eight Australian workers’ compensation systems

Journal article
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Stakeholders’ Perspectives About and Priorities for Economic Evaluation of Health and Safety Programs in Healthcare

Journal article
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Gender Inequalities in Access to Health Care among Adults Living in British Columbia, Canada

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Economic evaluation of occupational health and safety programmes in health care

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