Chris McLeod

Partnership Co-Director

Associate Professor, UBC School of Population and Public Health
Scientist, Institute for Work & Health, Toronto

Phone: 604-822-0348

As Partnership Co-Director, Dr. Chris McLeod’s research focuses on the program and policy evaluation of occupational health policies and practices and on the causes and consequences of work-related injury and disease. Dr. McLeod also is a content data expert for Population Data BC and is actively working on developing and extending the occupational health data available to researchers through Population Data BC. Current areas of research include an assessment of the effectiveness of occupational health and safety management systems on work injury; an examination of the etiology and outcomes of serious work-related injury; and national and international comparative work with jurisdictions in Ontario, Manitoba, Australia, and New Zealand.

More broadly, Chris’s research explores how institutional and economic structures across countries affect health and health inequalities over the working life course. This research uses high quality comparable longitudinal data from representative economies to examine the relationship between employment and working conditions and worker health within and across countries. His work examining the relationship between unemployment and health, supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, has been recently published in the Annual Review of Public Health and the American Journal of Public Health. In 2013 Chris received a CIHR New Investigator Award to expand this program of research. He is also an Early Career Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and recipient of a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award for 2016 to 2021.

Chris holds a PhD in population and public health from UBC and a MA in economics from McMaster University, and teaches courses on the social determinants of health, public health, and occupational disease in the School of Population and Public Health at UBC.

Graduate student opportunities

PhD and Masters research opportunities are available under Chris’s supervision in the School of Population and Public Health in the following areas: evaluation of occupational health and safety policies and programs, comparative analysis of OHS and workers compensation systems nationally and internationally, and the determinants of and consequences of occupational injury or disease. A research stipend may be available depending on the topic. Interested students should contact Chris with a CV and statement of interest.

Partnership publications

Other selected publications

McLeod C, Lavis J, MacNab Y, Hertzman C. Unemployment and mortality: a comparative study of Germany and the United States. American Journal of Public Health. 2012;102(8):1542-1550.

McLeod C, Hall P, Siddiqi A, Hertzman C. How society shapes the health gradient: work-related health inequalities in a comparative perspective. Annual Review of Public Health. 2012;33:59-73.

Tompa E, Trevithick S, McLeod C. Systematic review of the prevention incentives of insurance and regulatory mechanism for occupational health and safety. Scandinavian Journal of Work Environment & Health. 2007;33(1):85-95.

Lavis J, Ross S, McLeod C, Gildiner A. Measuring the impact of health research. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy. 2003;8(3):165-170.

Lavis J, Robertson D, Woodside J, McLeod C, Abelson J and the Knowledge Transfer Study Group. How can research organizations more effectively transfer research knowledge to decision makers? Milbank Quarterly. 2003;81:221-248.

McLeod C, Lavis J, Mustard C, Stoddart G. Income inequality, household income and health status in Canada: a prospective cohort study. American Journal of Public Health. 2003;93(8):1287-1293.

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